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Mikrotik RouterBOARD RB2011iL-RM, L4, 600MHz Switch, Router, PoE

Mikrotik RouterBOARD RB2011iL-RM, L4, 600MHz Switch, Router, PoE
Merk: Mikrotik
Model: RB2011IL-RM
Beschikbaarheid: 2 - 4 Dagen
Prijs: 108,36€
Excl. BTW: 89,55€

Het minimum te bestellen aantal is 1

Mikrotik RouterBOARD RB2011iL-RM  - Level 4, 600MHz Switch, Router

The RB2011 is a low cost multi port device series. Designed for indoor use, and available in many different cases, with a multitude of options.

The RB2011 is powered by RouterOS, a fully featured routing operating system which has been continuously improved for fifteen years. Dynamic routing, hotspot, firewall, MPLS, VPN, advanced quality of service, load balancing and bonding, real-time configuration and monitoring - just a few of the vast number of features supported by RouterOS.

It's powered by the new Atheros 600MHz 74K MIPS network processor, has 64MB of RAM and a Level4 RouterOS license, as well as five Gigabit Ethernet ports and five Fast Ethernet ports for unbeliveable USD 99!

RouterBOARD 2011iL-RM comes with 1U rackmount enclosure and power supply.

Technical Data

  • Product code: RB2011iL-RM
  • CPU speed: 600MHz
  • Architecture: MIPS-BE
  • RAM: 64MB
  • LAN ports: 5
  • Gigabit: 5
  • MiniPCI: 0
  • Integrated Wireless: No
  • Voltage Monitor: No
  • CPU temperature monitor: No
  • PCB temperature monitor: No
  • Temperature range: -35C to +65C
  • RouterOS License: L4
  • Current Monitor: No
  • CPU: Atheros AR9344
  • Max Power consumption: 6W


Performance test results

RB2011iL-RM (600Mhz) 100M & 1G port test RouterOS
Mode Configuration 64 byte 512 byte 1518 byte
kpps Mbps kpps Mbps kpps Mbps
Bridging none (fast path) 269.6 176.9 232.0 983.7 122.0 1,499.1
Bridging 25 bridge filter rules 87.6 57.5 86.0 364.6 83.6 1,027.3
Routing none (fast path) 226.9 148.8 210.0 890.4 122.0 1,499.1
Routing 25 simple queues 106.6 69.9 103.9 440.5 100.5 1,234.9
Routing 25 ip filter rules 60.5 39.7 59.6 252.7 56.8 698.0
  1. All tests are done with Xena Networks specialized test equipment (XenaBay),and done according to RFC2544 (Xena2544)
  2. Max throughput is determined with 30+ second attempts with 0,1% packet loss tolerance in 64, 512, 1518 byte packet sizes
  3. Values in Italic indicate that max throughput was reached without maxing out CPU, but because board interface configuration was maxed out
  4. Test results show device maximum performance, and are reached using mentioned hardware and software configuration, different configurations most likely will result in lower results


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